Electrical & Instrumentation


ADENCO have been building an electrical team since 2019 and we are proud to showcase our capabilities. Our team consists of 16 full time employees (and growing), including 2 nominees, electrical engineers, supervisors and very competent, experienced electricians. This team working alongside over 150 other ADENCO personnel offering various skill sets means we can competently execute any electrical project awarded.

We started our own electrical team to ensure control over this entity, ensuring projects are delivered safely, to the highest quality and on time. We realise that quality project delivery does not start and stop at just the installation.


Our experienced team will raise technical queries and submit clarifications to iron out and eliminate potential issues before award and ensure our pricing is accurate.


Comprehensive hand over from our tendering team to the project execution team. Our project managers, engineers and procurement team will productively organise and set up the works before mobilisation to site;

  • Immediate procurement of long lead items
  • Construction schedule and milestone dates
  • Submission of all documentation required with plenty of notice, including but not limited to;
  • Intent to commence electrical works
  • Electrical licenses and registers
  • Electrical preliminary notices
  • Permits to work
  • CRAW and risk assessments
  • ITPs
  • TQS

Project Execution

Working to a schedule, being transparent and ensuring excellent communication with our clients. We value our employees and set them up for success;

  • Ensuring they have tooling, vehicles, PPE, training, clear structure and procedures to follow.
  • Thorough procurement, materials delivered and inspected.
  • Clear direction and supervision throughout the project, always focusing on safety.
  • Inspections and test sheets filled out in accordance with the ITP. We critique ourselves and install to the highest so minimal, or no punch list items are to be rectified prior to hand over.


We dot the I's and cross the T's! Once installation and commissioning are complete we ensure the right people have the right documentation. From red lines and as built's to test sheets and nominee log book sign offs. We have the skill sets and plan in enough time for these activities to not be rushed or forgotten.


ADENCO provides the complete E&l solution. From project execution to operation and maintenance of key infrastructure we have the team and capabilities to deliver;

  • Transfer pumping stations, motors & VSDS
  • MCCs, DBs & control panel installations
  • Instrumentation & commissioning
  • Solar skids and telemetry integration
  • PLC, SCADA and control systems
  • Lighting & power
  • Fibre optic
  • Submersible bore pumps
  • Power generation solutions Earth grids and stakes
  • Above ground containment, ladder, steel conduits
  • Underground containment, pits and conduits
  • Transformers
  • High voltage tie-ins


Project Client Project Electrical Scope Status
Zulu 6 In-Pit Tailings Storage Facility Project Roy Hill 2kms of cable ladder and cable installed to supply power and instrumentation to tailings delivery valves and pipelines. Working with client to plan and perform critical electrical works during shutdowns. Extremely long cable pulls using winches and assistance rollers. Using boiler makers to ensure cable ladder bends and intricate tie ins are to the highest quality. Motor control, instrumentation, commissioning and SCADA integration. Completed Nov '22
Potable Water Pipeline and Transfer Pump Station
Roy Hill The electrical portion of this recently awarded project involves - Existing pump station will be kept in operation while changing over to new Roy Hill infrastructure, keeping down time for tie ins to a minimum. Dual supply-generator and power line feeds to changeover panel with automatic transfer switch. Power pole DB installation. Testing, commissioning, SCADA integration.
Starting Jan 23
GBO & SGE Dewatering Infrastructure
RTIO Flexible riser bore pump installations. Specialised equipment used to safely install to the highest standard. Generator, pump, instrument commissioning and SCADA integration. Ongoing
West Angeles Deposits C & D Project
Worley (RTIO) Water Supply and Dewatering Infrastructure, large transfer pump stations, pipeline instruments, 220kW motors with 220metre VSD cable runs both in Worley (RTIO) above and underground containment from substation to motors. Earth grids and stakes. Fire water pumps and tanks, potable water treatment system, standpipes, instrumentation, testing, commissioning and SCADA integration.
Completed Sept '21
MAC Surplus Water Management Project
BHP-MAC Reinjection bores, headworks with multiple instruments, solar powered skid with 8 metre telemetry poles, SCADA integration. Completed Aug '21
Marandoo In-Pit Seepage Project
RTIO Installation of 15 In-pit pumps feeding a turkeys next and transfer pumping station, MCC control panels with 147KW VSDs, instrumentation including flow meters, pressure and level sensors, control system integration, dual generator supplies.
Completed Jan '21
Dewatering Panel Contract
Roy Hill We have installed over 100 Solid FRP riser bore pump installations since 2019. Specialised equipment used to safely install to the highest standard. Solar powered skid and control panel installations for instruments. Telemetry and SCADA integration. Generator installations.
Southflank Turkeys Nest Pumping Station & PC1 Toolstore
BHP - South Flank BHP-South Turkeys nest pumping installations, power pole distribution board tie in, MCC with VSDs, control PLCs, 9m light poles and electric motor driven pumps. Tool store building with DB, multiple dedicated outlets, underground cable installed through pits and conduit from kiosk. MCC bucket installations, electrical isolations and shut downs. Fire alarm system integration. Testing and commissioning.
Completed Jan 22