Water Management

Major Iron Ore Dewatering Project

Iron Ore Mine Site
Pilbara WA
Major Iron Ore Dewatering Project

Supply and Installation of a Dewatering and Transfer System.


Supply of labour, plant, materials, transport, equipment and supervision to complete the installation of the Dewatering and Transfer System.

The Works include the site installation, testing and commissioning of Civil and Mechanical Works, with the main components being:

  • Over 30km of Coextruded HDPE pipe including 27km of DN 710 (PN8 and PN12.5).
  • A range of HDPE and steel fittings & valve assemblies.
  • 10ML turkey nest dam (TND) including HDPE liner, associated pipework, and fencing.
  • Pumpsets, headworks, fittings, supports for the Transfer Pump Station (TPS) and Standpipe Pump Station (SPS).
  • Associated concrete and civil works.
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